Milford Trail Skills Area 2.0

This past weekend (4/13/2019) the Huron Valley United Racing Team and the Motor City Mountain Bike Association ( teamed up and added some new features to our local trail. A few weeks prior, a huge team of parents and kids cleared the brush to create new trailways to link into the existing skills area of the Milford Trail. This gave us room to create new obstacles to play on.

There were 6 new builds planned. 1 flat skinny box, 1 podium skinny, 1 A-frame skinny, 1 skinny drop, a log pile, and a complex bridge over a tree limb. Also included in the plan was a construction of a new pump/tech line following a small ridge in the existing area that needed a lot of digging. This line included a bridge that was rotting pretty badly and needed a complete rebuild.

The volunteers really stepped up and completed almost all of the builds that were planned. With the donation of materials, there are more additions to come!

I’ve included links to some of the features in case anyone finds them helpful for their own projects.



Podium skinny

A frame skinny

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