10 gifts for the mountain biker in your life for under $30

Mountain bikers can be a finicky bunch to buy gifts for. They usually have a long list of “wants”, but those “wants” are usually so particular that it would be impossible to get the correct thing. Here’s my list of generic gifts that any biker would love.

  1. A local bike shop t-shirt. This idea is works well if you live in a different city or state. You’ll support a local business and give your biker a cool present they may have never seen. You can never have too many T-Shirts!

  2. Crankbrothers F-Tool Multi-Tool. There are a couple different versions in the F Series, but any of them would make your recipient happy. A multi-tool is one of those things that every rider will need at some time in their travels.

  3. Custom Top Cap. This one gets a little techy and may take a little digging. But most bikes have a standard cap. You can pick from pre-designed laser etches and colors. Does your friend have a catchphrase that he always uses? Like always saying “It’s just one more mile” … Get that put on one for a total custom surprise.

  4. Mud Guard. We love customizing our bikes. These mud guards are a simple way to add functionality and style to a ride. Custom designs are available if you want to put a picture of your cat or something weird on it.

  5. Insulated Water Bottle. There are a number to choose from, and I really can’t comment on what is the best. But really, most bikers buy a cheap one (or 10) and cycle between them until they lose them. Your friend will appreciate actually having a bottle that keeps liquid cold.

  6. Road ID. Bad stuff happens. We crash. We get up. We wander around for hours asking where our Mommy is …. It’s a good idea to have some identification on you. Road ID makes a couple different versions to put on your body in different places. I see a good number of people get the “Shoe” model and always have it on their bike shoes. Very visible in case of emergency.

  7. Commuting Lights. These won’t light up a dark trail, but these small lights are great for making your buddy visible on side streets or sidewalks. They are also small enough just to store in a pack for emergency lighting.

  8. Digital Tire Gauge. The best way to dial in tire pressure. If they haven’t been messing around with different pressures, they will now!

  9. Bike Cleaning. Cleaning a bike is a thankless job. But it’s one that needs to be done. A clean bike is a happy bike.

  10. Local Shop Gift Certificate. If nothing else seems to fit, go to their local shop and get a gift certificate. You’ll support a local business and they will spend your money on whatever they want!

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