Milfduro – A self-paced enduro race around Milford, MI

Dads on Dirt and D&D Bikes bring you the first MILFDURO!


“WAIT — there’s no downhill in Milford!”


You’re right …. but there are bits and pieces that we can use to have a fun enduro-format race! 

“What’s an enduro?” …. Enduro timed means that ONLY THE FOUR “DOWNHILL” STRAVA SEGMENTS LISTED BELOW WILL COUNT TOWARDS YOUR RACE TIME. Overall route time doesn’t matter.

The race will consist of Strava segments along the MILFDURO race route below. Race day is any day YOU pick between JULY 17 THROUGH JULY 23, 2022. However, YOU MUST RIDE THE ENTIRE ROUTE in ONE DAY and THE SEGMENTS MUST BE RIDDEN IN ORDER ALONG THE ROUTE for your segment times to count. 



  1. You must use Strava. CLICK HERE TO GET IT
  2. Register for the event. REGISTRATION CLOSED
  3. Join the “Dads On Dirt” Strava Club. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE CLUB


  • You have from July 17 to July 23 to complete the race. YOU MUST RIDE THE ENTIRE ROUTE in ONE DAY and THE SEGMENTS MUST BE RIDDEN IN ORDER ALONG THE ROUTE for your segment times to count. Only segments from the day you completed the full route will qualify.


The route starts and ends at the parking lot of the Milford Trailhead in Janowski Park. Make sure you start your ride on Strava or your GPS device. No rookie mistakes! Address for the parking lot is 301 Peters Rd, Milford, MI 48381.

Here’s the FULL MILFDURO Race route:

The 4 “downhill” segments that will count in the race will be:

  1. Proud Lake Connect from South Hill:
  2. Powerlines to Dam:
  3. Weaver Gorge:
  4. DH West:

Directions from Start to Finish (Following the RACE ROUTE):

  1. You’ll be starting from the Milford Trailhead. Making your way up South Hill to the First Segment: “Proud Lake Connect from South Hill”. The segment starts right off of the road and ends before the Milford Rd crossing. Cross Milford Rd, hang right, and follow the paved path back to the Milford Trail.
  2. The Second Segment: “Powerlines to Dam” is just off of the path to the left. This one is a bit tricky so take a look at the route to see where to go. You’ll have to go thru grass and cross the trail to get to the climb that leads next to the fence up to the top of the Powerline hill (we’re doing this to avoid accidentally tripping the segment). The segment starts at the top and ends where the trail exits on to the path. Turning left, you’ll be retracing your steps a bit now to follow the path to the YMCA and into Downtown Milford. Rolling toward Muir Middle School and onto Weaver road.
  3. The Third Segment is “Weaver Gorge” which is just off of Weaver Rd on the left. The segment starts just off of the road and ends just before the road crossing. Cross the road and follow the Highland Connector to the right. You’ll then veer left at the parking barrier off of Beaumont Rd to follow the Beaumont to Pettibone Connector.
  4. The Fourth Segment “DH West” starts at the highest elevation of the climb and ends before the road. After the segment, enjoy the Pettibone Rd hill and make your way back to the Milford Trail head!


There are only 2 classes (unless we have a large group registering and can make more!)

  • MEN (All ages)
  • WOMEN (All ages)


  • Top 3 places awarded to the racers with the fastest cumulative Race Time over all 4 segments. We have  prizes from D&D Bikes. We will do an awards ceremony at the Milford Trailhead at 7pm on July 23. You don’t have to be present for the ceremony. All prizes can be emailed or mailed. D&D Bikes have given gift cards for the top 3 overall men and women (equal prizes here)!  First Place: $65 Second: $40 Third: $20. I will also raffle off a Dads on Dirt jersey to one random rider.


  • You must complete the whole route, but overall route time does not matter.
  • Your race time is determined by adding up your times on each of the race segments only. SEGMENTS MUST BE COMPLETED IN ORDER along the route.
  • All segments must be recorded and saved by 5pm on July 23. You can use a GPS or phone to record your ride. Just make sure it’s saved to Strava BEFORE 5 pm. I will be filtering and figuring out the winners starting at 5!
  • Ride solo or in a small group of friends.
  • This event is 100% self-supported. Plan ahead and bring enough fuel and hydration to ensure survival.
  • Don’t be a jerk! Have fun. Be safe. Heed to hikers, walkers, kids, horses and the legendary Milford Panther.
  • Questions? Shoot an email.