Milfduro 2 – A self-paced enduro race around Milford, MI

Dads on Dirt and D&D Bikes bring you the second annual MILFDURO!


Back by popular demand!  New segments! New route! Same enduro-format race around Milford! 

“What’s an enduro?” …. Enduro timed means that ONLY THE FOUR STRAVA SEGMENTS LISTED WILL COUNT TOWARDS YOUR RACE TIME. Overall route time doesn’t matter.

This is NOT a typical downhill-type enduro. The segments are a mix of climbing and downhill single-track trail. Part adventure, part race … ALL FUN!

The race will consist of Strava segments along the OFFICIAL MILFDURO race route. Race day is any day YOU pick between JULY 24 THROUGH JULY 30, 2023. However, YOU MUST RIDE THE ENTIRE ROUTE in ONE DAY and THE SEGMENTS MUST BE RIDDEN IN ORDER ALONG THE ROUTE for your segment times to count. 

Segments will be roughly marked with flags and ground spray paint.


  1. You must use Strava. CLICK HERE TO GET IT
  2. Register for the event. REGISTER HERE
  3. Join the “Dads On Dirt” Strava Club. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE CLUB


  • You have from July 24 to July 30 to complete the race. YOU MUST RIDE THE ENTIRE ROUTE in ONE DAY and THE SEGMENTS MUST BE RIDDEN IN ORDER ALONG THE ROUTE for your segment times to count. Only segments from the day you completed the full route will qualify. ONLY the route that YOU submit with the RACE SUBMISSION FORM will be recorded. 


The route starts and ends at the NEW Proud Lake Parking lot. The new parking lot is at the corner of Dawson and Childs Lake Roads. 1781 E Dawson Rd, Milford Charter Twp, MI 48381. Make sure you start your ride on Strava or your GPS device. No rookie mistakes! Make sure to give plenty of room before the segment and ride past the segment ends in order to get a good recording of the segment.

Here’s the FULL MILFDURO Race route:

The 4 segments that will count in the race will be:

  1. Kensington Connector WB 1st Seg
  2. Dam Start to Intersection 1
  3. Kanzer flow
  4. Milfduro 2023 – Segment #4

Directions from Start to Finish (Following the RACE ROUTE):

  1. You’ll be starting from the Proud Lake Loop 4 New Parking Lot. Ride into Loop 4. You will ride about half of the loop 4 before exiting to the right to Old Plank Rd. The first segment starts just across the road Kensington Connector WB 1st Seg. THIS SEGMENT IS A 2 WAY TRAIL. This segment finishes at South Hill Road. Take a right on South Hill Road and follow that into Milford. Hang a left at Washington Street. Right at Mill Street. Take General Motors Rd left (West) down to the McDonalds and jump on the Milford Trail Bike path (right).
  2. The Second Segment: “Dam Start to Intersection 1” is just off of the path to the right after you cross the Dam. The segment starts right off the path and ends where the trail exits on to the path. Turning right, you’ll follow the path to the YMCA and into Downtown Milford on E Commerce St. Go right on Highland Ave (which turns into W. Liberty St) heading toward Central Park. Cross the rail road tracks and take a left ton Hickory Street. Right on George St at Muir Middle School and left onto Weaver road.
  3. Take Weaver all the way to Cooley Lake Rd. Go right. And then left on Beaumont Rd.   Third Segment is “Kanzer Flow” which is just off of Beaumont Rd on the left at the Guard Rail. THIS SEGMENT IS A 2 WAY TRAIL. The segment starts to the left behind the guardrail and ends just before the road crossing at Cooley Lake Rd. Turn left. Turn right up at Weaver to start heading back into Milford. Turn right at George St. Left at Hickory. Follow Hickory to Liberty. Turn left. At 1st Steet, you make a quick right/left turn to East Liberty. Turn right on Houghton. Cross Atlantic and continue on Houghton to E. Huron.  Turn right on Monteagle. Follow Monteagle to until it ends at Garden Rd. Turn Right. Turn left on Old Plank Rd.
  4. Take Old Plank past Dawson. You’ll take a short climb on your left.  The Fourth Segment “Milfduro 2023 – Segment #4” starts on the right just after the short climb off of the road. Follow the trail back to the trail head!


Depending on the participants, I might make more categories. 

  • MEN (16+)
  • WOMEN (16+)
  • 16 and under


  • Top 3 places awarded to the racers with the fastest cumulative Race Time over all 4 segments. 
  • Awards and Prize Hand Out: 6pm 7/30 – Janowski Park (Milford Trailhead).


  • You must complete the whole route, but overall route time does not matter.
  • Your race time is determined by adding up your times on each of the race segments only. SEGMENTS MUST BE COMPLETED IN ORDER along the route, on the same day.
  • All segments must be recorded and SUBMITTED BY THE SUBMISSION FORM by 5pm on July 30. ONLY SUBMIT 1 RIDE. You can use a GPS or phone to record your ride. Just make sure it’s saved to Strava BEFORE 5 pm.
  • You are allowed to go back and re-ride a segment (in the event of a fall etc) as long as all other segments are done on the same ride. 
  • Yes – you can do the route as many times as you want over the time period. BUT YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR RIDE with the form in order for it to count. ONLY SUBMIT the ride you want to count for your race time. DO NOT submit multiple rides.
  • Ride solo or in a small group of friends. It’s always fun with friends!
  • This event is 100% self-supported. Plan ahead and bring enough fuel and hydration to ensure survival. Ride within your limits. 
  • Don’t be a jerk! Have fun. Be safe. Heed to hikers, walkers, kids, horses and the legendary Milford Panther.
  • Questions? Shoot an email.